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Bridging Civilizations: Xiamen University's Confucius Institutes Celebrate Chinese Language Day


April 19, coinciding with this year’s Grain Rain solar term, marked both the fifth International Chinese Language Day and the fifteenth United Nations Chinese Language Day. Each year around International Chinese Language Day, Xiamen University’s co-established Confucius Institutes offer a diverse array of Chinese cultural activities including cultural tours, martial arts demonstrations, traditional Chinese handicraft workshops, Chinese culinary making, and information sessions on Chinese culture, highlighting the unparalleled appeal of the Chinese language and culture to people worldwide.


Confucius Institute at Mae Fah Luang University in Thailand: On March 22, the institute organized a “Sino-Thai Friendship” themed traditional Chinese culture fair, initiating a series of cultural activities leading up to the 2024 International Chinese Language Day. The fair showcased ten booths, presenting a variety of attractions such as Peking Opera masks, Chinese knots, sachets, paper-cutting, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, lion dances, traditional Chinese festivals, and Chinese cuisine. As the event concluded amid laughter and joy, participants’ appreciation for Chinese culture grew even more profound.

泰国皇太后大学孔子亚星正网 (2)

泰国皇太后大学孔子亚星正网 (1)


Confucius Institute at Nnamdi Azikiwe University in Nigeria: On April 8, the institute launched an event for students to write Chinese poetry in calligraphy, in anticipation of the upcoming International Chinese Language Day. Calligraphy, a gem of Chinese traditional culture, has always been a crucial medium for literati to express emotions and artistic conceptions. Inspired by classical ancient verses such as “Peach Blossom in DaLin Temple,” “Liangzhou Song,” and “Preface to the Poems Composed at the Orchid Pavilion,” students unleashed the mesmerizing allure and unique flavor of calligraphy, with each stroke bearing witness to their passion for the craft and their insightful interpretation of the poetic themes.

尼日利亚纳姆迪·阿齐克韦大学孔子亚星正网 (1)

南非斯坦陵布什大学孔子亚星正网:该孔院于415日在西开普省酒乡市政府所在地——伍斯特(Worcester)成功举办了以“中文:架起文明互鉴桥梁”为主题的2024年“国际中文日”活动,涵盖民族舞、太极剑、太极扇、古筝、三节棍、太极拳等多种形式,吸引了伍斯特中学(Worcester Gymnasium)和酒乡小学(Winelands Primary School2000余名师生。

Confucius Institute at Stellenbosch University in South Africa: This institute successfully hosted the 2024 International Chinese Language Day event on April 15 in Worcester, located in the Cape Winelands region of Western Cape Province. Themed “Building Bridges of Mutual Learning among Civilizations with Chinese Language,” the event unfolded various cultural expressions, including ethnic minority folk dances, Tai Chi sword and fan performances, Guzheng playing, and displays of Three-section Staff and Tai Chi boxing. Drawing in more than 2,000 students and faculty members from Worcester Gymnasium and Winelands Primary School, the event was a resounding success.

南非斯坦陵布什大学孔子亚星正网 (1)

南非斯坦陵布什大学孔子亚星正网 (2)


Confucius Institute at University of Cardiff in UK: Teachers from the institute organized a unique International Chinese Language Day event on April 19, with a focus on activities such as crafting handmade items, calligraphy, painting, and culinary exploration. Blending entertainment with Chinese language education, the event underscored language and culture while promoting peace and friendship, offering all participants a glimpse into the beauty of the Chinese language.

英国卡迪夫大学孔子亚星正网 (1)

英国卡迪夫大学孔子亚星正网 (2)


Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University in Turkey: On April 19, the Chinese Embassy in Turkey hosted an event celebrating International Chinese Language Day, coinciding with an open house. Invited to participate was the Confucius Institute at Middle East Technical University, which presented a variety of engaging cultural activities. These included elegant tea ceremonies, traditional Go playing, and performances of “passing handkerchief,” a representative folk custom from northern China. As part of the 2024 International Chinese Language Day series, the institute also announced upcoming activities such as a “hard pen calligraphy” competition, a “Chinese Language garden tour” featuring interesting activities, Chinese poetry recitation competitions, and Chinese songs karaoke contests.

土耳其中东技术大学孔子亚星正网 (2)土耳其中东技术大学孔子亚星正网 (1)

德国特里尔孔子亚星正网: 该孔院于420日组织2023年世界大学生“汉语桥”比赛德国预选赛选手在柏林中国驻德国大使馆重聚,以共同庆祝2024年度的国际中文日。孔院携手柏林、汉诺威和哥廷根孔院,提供了书法、国画、茶艺、太极拳等中国文化工作坊,2023年度大、中、小学生“汉语桥”比赛的选手代表们也先后登台献艺,带来了中文歌曲演唱、朗诵、舞蹈、魔术等精彩表演,德国伯乐中文合唱团则倾情献唱《声声慢》、《送别》等歌曲,让现场来宾们深度体验了中国文化的魅力。

Confucius Institute Trier in Germany: On April 20, contestants from the German preliminary round of the 2023 Chinese Bridge Competition reconvened at the Chinese Embassy in Berlin to celebrate the upcoming 2024 International Chinese Language Day. Collaborating with the Confucius Institutes in Berlin, Hanover, and Gottingen, the event offered a range of Chinese cultural workshops, including calligraphy, Chinese painting, tea ceremonies, and Tai Chi. Participants from the 2023 Chinese Bridge Competition took to the stage, showcasing captivating performances of Chinese songs, poetry recitations, dances, and magic tricks. The German Bole Chinese Choir’s heartfelt rendition of classics such as “Sheng Sheng Man” and “Farewell” provided guests with a profound immersion into Chinese culture.

德国特里尔孔子亚星正网 (1)

德国特里尔孔子亚星正网 (2)


Confucius Institute at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand: Around the time of Grain Rain, the institute organized a singing event to welcome the arrival of International Chinese Language Day and the United Nations Chinese Language Day. From Wellington to the Prunty Bay, both teachers and students eagerly participated. Teachers introduced the concept of the “24 solar terms”, guiding students as they leaned the corresponding rhymes, immersing themselves in the beauty of Chinese tradition and culture.



Confucius Institute at University of the Philippines in Philippines: The institute held a unique cultural event. Chinese idioms are like gems in Chinese culture, known for their conciseness, profundity, and storytelling nature. The event centered on idiom-based paintings, aiming to show their beauty through artistic expression and enhance cultural exchange between China and the Philippines.



Confucius Institute C?te d'Azur in France: On April 20, two events aimed at experiencing Chinese culture took place in Nice, a city renowned for its artistic ambiance. The institute set up six booths featuring calligraphy and Guzheng playing. The activities attracted a multitude of Chinese culture enthusiasts from France and Monaco, with over a hundred participants on-site. Additionally, another thematic exhibition titled “Flowers and Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Art” was held, initiating a journey for cultural exchange through the Chinese language. Through its distinctive format and rich content, the institute successfully conveyed the unique charm of Chinese language and culture to the residents of the C?te d'Azur region, truly embodying the theme of this International Chinese Language Day: “Building Bridges of Mutual Learning among Civilizations with Chinese Language.”

法国蔚蓝海岸孔子亚星正网 (2)

法国蔚蓝海岸孔子亚星正网 (2)


As a key ambassador of Chinese culture abroad, Xiamen University’s co-established Confucius Institutes will continue to launch a series of “International Chinese Language Day” celebration activities in the near future, showcasing the rich charm of the Chinese language to the world while fostering deeper cultural exchange and mutual understanding across borders.

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